Anti-Nuclear & Clean Energy Collective

Ace of Catering

Ace of Catering serves fresh gourmet organic food, at a reasonable price.  We have over ten years of catering experience

catering functions & luncheons for the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) and local community groups.

Ace of Catering will create a wholesome menu plan to suit your morning/afternoon tea, lunch or dinner. 

Our amazing team of cooks & bakers will ensure all food is prepared and delivered to your destination on time.

We are a volunteer run cooking crew that raise money and awareness through healthy wholesome food. 

Ace of Catering raise funds for campaigning against the nuclear industry's extremely destructive practices

and the disastrous risks associated with nuclear waste and weapons.

Ace of Catering is supported by Friends of the Earth's Food Co-op to provide you with the best quality organic food and service.