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Glen Cooke and the proposed uranium mine at Wiluna

This was filmed at Yantakuji waterhole in the Western Desert, filmed by Robin Chapple and Curtis Taylor. This was filmed during the 14 days Mr Cooke had to appeal the EPA decision to mine uranium at Lake Way in Wiluna, his home and his Wife and children's country. You can help Glen and his community stand up and say no to uranium mining by signing this online petition here:

Maralinga Atomic Bomb Test Survivors

In the 1950's Australia was the location for the testing of British nuclear weapons.  Here two survivors, Yami Lester and Avon Hudson remember the tests.  Yami was a young man living with his community in the desert and Avon was an Australian serviceman seconded to the programme.

Music by Mark Daniel

Stop Australian uranium fuelling the next Fukushima

Tuesday April 26 marks the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster where deadly radiation spewed across Europe, damaging and destroying lives, landscapes and hopes.

Australian uranium fuels the dirty and dangerous nuclear industry. On a day when everything works to plan this becomes high level radioactive waste - on a day when things go wrong it becomes fallout.  On the anniversary of Chernobyl and in the shadow of Fukushima it is time to halt the uranium trade.

Please join us in sending a clear message to Prime Minister Julia Gillard to keep our uranium in the ground: our energy future is renewable not radioactive. Send your message here:

Muckaty Voices

"Muckaty Voices" is a short film capturing community resistance to an Australian government plan to dump radioactive waste at Muckaty Station, 120 kilometres north of Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory.

The area is being assessed by the federal government for a low and long-lived intermediate level radioactive waste facility, despite sustained opposition from Aboriginal Traditional Owners, pastoralists and the NT government and community. for more information.

French couriers deliver radioactive waste back to Australia, and to Martin Ferguson's office in Melbourne

French courier service delivers radioactive waste to the electoral office of MP for Resources and Energy Martin Ferguson, who has been pushing the bill on the proposed National Radioactive Waste Dump for Muckaty in the Northern Territory.


On Wednesday 13 April 2011,  a 'posse'  from Friends of the Earth Anti-nuclear and Clean Energy Collective (ACE) set out in Northcote, in the Federal electorate of Batman, to track down Martin Ferguson, Minister for Energy and Resources, and run him out of town ...

It was a lighthearted action, but with a serious purpose, because amongst other things the Minister is pushing through the imposition of an unwanted and unnecessary nuclear waster dump at Muckaty in the Northern Territory, not to mention his promotion of the nuclear industry through mining and  uranium exports.

As well as wanted fliers the 'posse'  delivered posters announcing an upcoming public meeting at the Northcote Town Hall - From Chernobyl to Fukushima, is there a future in nuclear? - see